The MND Accelerator has been designed to support the MND community develop its programme of translational research. The streamlined application process, rapid peer review, and infrastructure support releases MND researchers to focus on delivering innovative high-quality science.

Motor Neuron with Glial Cells

The opportunity to apply for funding has closed. Our Scientific Steering Group informed the successful projects who were then invited to make a full application. The application submission date has now passed.

There is helpful information about making a full application.  

Download the Guide

Who will be funded?

It is anticipated that the panel will invite 8-12 projects to join the Accelerator programme. These are expected to start within 3 months and to complete within 6-18 months.

Single and multi-site consortia can take part. Applicants will be requested to justify their resource needs.

The MND Accelerator will consider the value and impact of individual projects as well as the expected impact of the portfolio as a whole. This will likely be a balance of high and low-cost proposals. We also encourage leveraging separately funded translational initiatives.

Help making your full proposal

We have prepared a guide to making a full submission to help make the process easier to complete. Details about submitting your full proposal online are included in the guide.

Note: You can only make a full submission if your initial Expression of Interest application was success. 

Download the guide

There is additional background information which may be useful:

The selection process

All applications will go to independent peer review, including the Scientific Steering Group and other experts. Once this has been completed, the Scientific Steering Group will make funding recommendations to the MNDAcc Executive.

The successful applicants who will be funded and participate in the MND Accelerator will be announced in April.

Ahead of the announcements, there will be a period for peer review and rebuttals which will be completed by 18th March.