The MND Accelerator exists to speed up the development of treatments for Motor Neuron Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia. Our focus is to work with a portfolio of experimental medicine studies which link mechanistic insights to early phase trials (0-2a). By reducing the obstacles faced by researchers, the pace of research can be quickened to make faster progress in developing treatments.

“MRC’s vision is to accelerate improvements in human health and wellbeing for everyone, regardless of background, place or upbringing, by supporting world-class biomedical research and innovation. The MND Accelerator will enhance this through bringing together the best researchers with cutting edge infrastructural support to target a critical bottleneck in the development of new treatments to improve care for those diagnosed with the devastating condition of Motor Neurone Disease.”

Rob Buckle, Chief Science Officer, Medical Research Council

How the MND Accelerator will work?

The MND Accelerator is making available the facilities of DPUK and UK DRI to research into MND, and the related condition of Frontotemporal Dementia. The objective is to advance the pace of translating mechanistic discoveries into treatments.


The concept for MNDAcc is to foster pre-competitive cross-sector and multi-disciplinary engagement. It will also address commonly shared goals informed by the wider MND/FTD patient community.


In delivering high quality research, MNDAcc will promote a culture of open science data sharing, public engagement and inclusivity. Within their activities, funded projects will be accountable for their equality, diversity, inclusion and public engagement plans.